Five Month Update

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We Moved!

A director’s home has been under construction since we arrived in February. It has been greatly needed. The directors have always shared their residence with teams and visitors. Now they have much needed space to themselves. Though Savannah and I have never had complaints about our living arrangements, they approached us about moving into their old home. We are grateful for the support of the directors of both home and school. They have always been mindful of supporting us as a married couple. Now we not only have a bedroom and bathroom, we also have a kitchen and living room! We share the building with teams that stay on property, but have our own separate area. This allows us to help support the directors in hosting teams on property.

Bonding with the Honduran Nationals

As our time here has grown, so have our relationships with the Honduran teachers and staff at the home. We are growing in our Spanish language skills which makes it much easier to communicate. The Honduran teachers are so patient and encouraging with us in our language learning, helping to correct our mistakes so we are better speakers. The tías at the home are so kind. We are enjoying getting to know them more and building relationships with them. These women that live with and care for the children here are so special. They have tough jobs, but do it with such joy. Please pray for the tías as they have such patience and grace with all the kids.

Sports Program Success

Our first season of soccer for the sports program was a great success. We had six weeks of practices and games followed by championship games and an awards ceremony. We learned very quickly that this program will be very helpful teaching sportsmanship. More than they needed to learn how to play and win, these kids need to learn how to win AND lose well. We are excited to start a season of basketball so that the fun and learning can continue.

Savannah’s Fourth Grade Classroom

Fourth Grade is such a great age. My students are learning so much and impress me daily with their ability to learn. I love being able to joke and have fun with them as they learn. Time has been flying by! I can’t believe we have reached the third nine weeks already. As time passes, I am feeling much more comfortable in my teaching role. I feel as if my kids are responding to me well and learning. We have recently started division in Math and they are picking it up quickly. We are starting geography this month and they are SO excited and curious about this world we live in.

In the past month I have been able to have several gospel conversations with my class due to behavior issues or visitors that do not know the Lord. I have enjoyed watching my kids as they see the gospel in real ways in their lives. Please pray for each of my students as the grow, both in academics and in their faith in Jesus. Pray for me to have the grace and wisdom to teach, love, and discipline in a way that honors the Lord and brings glory to his name.

John David’s PE Class

PE has been a lot of fun. I have taught units on soccer, american football, and volleyball. I am currently teaching kickball, which they are absolutely loving. It is rewarding to watch them play all the way up to the bell and wish they could continue. Everyday I learn something new as I continue to speak and listen in Spanish. It has been a blessing to be given an avenue to have a continuous relationship with all the older grades. I care deeply for them. Pray for them with me, as I continue to invest however the Lord leads.

John David’s Social Studies Class

I have enjoyed teaching ancient history to first and second grade. I love my kids! We have class on Mondays and Fridays, but they ask me everyday if they get to have my class that day. I have noticed that as we progress into history, it has become a bit more difficult for them to grasp concepts at their level of learning. I have also noticed that a significant gap exists in their knowledge of geography and of other cultures outside of their own. I have decided that for the second half of the year, I will transition away from ancient history. The curriculum will be better suited for them when they are at a more advanced learning level. I am very excited to teach them about the world they live in. I will teach about the continents and oceans, followed by teachings on the cultures of the world. I just taught about our first country and culture: Kenya. It was so exciting to see my kids constantly engaged and fascinated by another world. They filled the entire activity time with questions while they worked.


I (JD) have started sharing the pulpit with another teacher, Ben, for Sunday morning chapel services. I am very excited to have the opportunity further invest gospel seeds into the hearts of these kids and staff. Please pray that my migraines, or other sicknesses, will not interfere with this opportunity. Please pray that our labor will be honored by the Lord to produces fruit in the hearts of these kids.


we were told to expect higher chances of illness at the start of rainy season. We did not expect it to hit every one of us teachers like a freight train. Each of us (even the Honduran teachers) have been in and out sickness. Please pray for our health to improve and that energy to make it through the day will be restored.


I am suffering from an increased about of migraines because of the rainy season. Please pray that the Lord would see fit to bring relief. And if it is his will for them to continue, pray for me to find the strength to power through with patience, loving and serving the children through the pain and fatigue.

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting our ministry with your prayers and financial generosity!! You make every single day possible!


One thought on “Five Month Update

  1. John David, I knew going in that the headaches would be your greatest challenge. I do pray for you and Savannah every day and also for the team with you. I am so proud of the two of you in your service for the Lord. The children all look so sweet and I know you are enjoying them, as I know they are enjoying you. Love to you and it will not be but a few more days before your Mom and Dad will be with you. Have a great visit with them. Wish I could be there, too.


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